What does Amputation mean?

Amputation meaning in General Dictionary

The act of amputating esp the operation of cutting-off a limb or projecting the main body

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  • a disorder of disability caused by losing one or more limbs
  • a surgical elimination of all or section of a limb
  • The act of amputating; esp. the procedure of cutting off a limb or projecting area of the body.

Amputation meaning in Medical Dictionary

Removal of part or most of a body component that's enclosed by skin. Amputation may appear at a major accident website, the scene of an animal assault, or a battlefield. Amputation can also be done as a surgical treatment. It is typically performed to stop the scatter of gangrene as a complication of frostbite, injury, diabetic issues, arteriosclerosis, or just about any other disease that impairs the circulation of blood. It's also done to stop the spread of bone tissue disease and to reduce losing bloodstream and disease in someone who has suffered extreme, irreparable harm to a limb. Whenever carrying out an amputation, surgeons generally speaking cut above the diseased or hurt location to ensure a portion of healthier tissue remains to cushion bone tissue. Sometimes the place of a cut may rely to some extent on its suitability is fitted with an artificial limb, or prosthesis.

Amputation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, "a cutting away from tree branches, a pruning," also "operation of cutting-off a limb, etc., of a body," from Middle French amputation or right from Latin amputationem (nominative amputatio), noun of activity from past participle stem of amputare "cut-off, lop off; slashed around, to prune," from am(bi)- "about" (see ambi-) + putare "to prune, trim" (see pave).

Amputation meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

the entire process of the removal of all or section of a body part; frequently describes a limb (arm or leg) and it is done for medical reasons.

Amputation - German to English


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  • wrist disarticulation [amputation in the wrist combined]
  • cutaneous amputation
  • closed amputation
  • circular amputation

Amputation meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The act of amputating; esp. the procedure of cutting off a limb or projecting part of the body.

Sentence Examples with the word Amputation

In 1816, 1817 and 1818, he published a series of Quarterly Reports of Cases in Surgery; in 1821 a volume of coloured plates with descriptive letterpress, entitled Illustrations of the great operations of Surgery, Trepan, Hernia, Amputation and Lithotomy, and in 1824 Observations on Injuries of the Spine and of the Thigh Bone.

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