What does Amphictyonic League mean?

Amphictyonic League meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1753, one of the ancient greek language confederations of neighboring says, from Greek amphiktionikos, from amphiktiones "neighbors," virtually "they that dwell round about," from amphi- "on both edges" (see amphi-) + 2nd factor pertaining to ktizein "to create, discovered," ktoina "habitation, township," from PIE root *tkei- "to stay, live, be residence" (see home (letter.)).

Sentence Examples with the word Amphictyonic League

But like the Amphictyonic league in Greece, the Ionic was rather of a sacred than a political character; every city enjoyed absolute autonomy, and, though common interests often united them for a common political object, they never formed a real confederacy like that of the Achaeans or Boeotians.

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