What does Amphetamine Holiday mean?

Amphetamine Holiday meaning in Urban Dictionary

Continuity break in using Amphetamines.....Slang: Temporary stay in regiment to eradicate the jittery, nervous side effectsReason/Use : prescription used for ADD, ADHD, an such like. to stabilize a person with focus or control behavior dilemmas (predominately in kids). In grownups, a legit reason behind offering your body relief from continuous stimulation regarding the heart, lung area, etc......Years of constant use of amphetamines just take a toll in the human body. Including, as severe as sudden demise just as one side effects....Although known for addiction and leisure usage. Your body cannot keep activity of amphetamines in the system after 18-36 hours of ingestion. Therefore, it can be stopped for people, who need a rest from it. Hence, minimum addictive effect.