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in accordance with the below Ancient Boanian poem, Amoz is someone who is, or should be, popular.(Boanian poem):Amozbo bamosfe fi fo famousThe Ancient Boanian poem features spoken.Your debate is invalid.Go home. An amoz is an uncommon pet that's said to have ties to a lot of celebrated and mythological animals, in line with the shaman of a tiny tribe in Southern Africa.And may or might not feast on small orphan kiddies. And will or might not be component tooth-fairy.(validity of some of the preceding claims have been in question).Alternatively, Amoz is a name.The meanings of 'Amoz' tend to be: powerful, hoe-slapper, bearer of burdens, smart, distanced, and (unsure on translation) shadowed (or) secretive heart, old hag individual, and Mary.(do you dare question the truth of the definitions)?Examples of such a thing relating to 'Amoz' are extremely unusual, therefore the only well known one resides inside Bible, but there are many small mentions in America's Most Wanted, and a few appearances in Wildest Police video.