What does Amok mean?

Amok meaning in Names Dictionary

A valley, a depth.
Name Origin: Biblical
Name Gender: Male

Amok meaning in Medical Dictionary

a problem very first reported inside Malay men and women, frequently male, composed of a time period of brooding accompanied by a sudden outburst of indiscriminate murderous madness, often provoked by an insult, envy or feeling of desperation. The person who works amok might perish in a type of murder-suicide. Spelled additionally amuck. The Malay term for "furious attack." Comparable syndromes including cafard in Polynesia and mal de pelea in Puerto Rico are known to occur in other individuals.

Amok meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in spoken expression run amok very first taped 1670s, from Malay amuk "attacking furiously." Early in the day the word was made use of as a noun or adjective meaning "a frenzied Malay," originally within the Portuguese kind amouco or amuco.There are some of those [the Javanese] who ... go out to the roads, and eliminate as many people as they meet. ... They are known as Amuco. ["The Book of Duarte Barbosa: a merchant account for the nations Bordering regarding Indian Ocean and Their particular Inhabitants," c.1516, English interpretation] Compare amuck.

Amok meaning in General Dictionary

wildly; without self-control

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  • in a murderous frenzy
  • extremely frenzied and uncontrollable

Amok - German to English

Rage [Richard Bachman]

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  • amok
  • amuck

Sentence Examples with the word Amok

It was formerly believed that these outbursts were to be attributed to madness pur et simple, and some cases of amok can certainly be traced to this source.

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