What does Amoeba mean?

Amoeba meaning in General Dictionary

A rhizopod typical in fresh water capable of undergoing numerous changes of form at will just like ameba See Rhizopoda

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  • naked freshwater or marine or parasitic protozoa that form temporary pseudopods for feeding and locomotion
  • A rhizopod. typical in fresh-water, with the capacity of undergoing many modifications of type at might. See Rhizopoda.

Amoeba meaning in Medical Dictionary

In addition ameba. A single-celled (protozoan) system that continuously changes form. Your message "ameba" is from the Greek "amoibe" meaning "change." Ameba can infect the bowels resulting in diarrhea in addition to liver resulting in abscess formation.

Amoeba meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1855, from Modern Latin Amoeba, genus title (1841), from Greek amoibe "transform," associated with ameibein "to change, change," from PIE *e-meigw-, extended type of root *mei- (1) "to improve, get, move" (see mutable). So-called because of its continuously altering shape. Associated: Amoebaean; amoebic.

Amoeba meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

An organism without shape or type; moves by using a false foot.