What does Amniocentesis mean?

Amniocentesis meaning in Medical Dictionary

A before-birth diagnostic procedure where a long needle can be used to acquire amniotic substance from in the uterus. This fluid can be utilized for genetic also diagnostic tests. Informally known as amnio.

Amniocentesis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1958, contemporary Latin, from amnion (see amniotic) + centesis "medical puncture," from Greek kentesis "a pricking," from kentein "to prick," related to kontos "pole" (see center (n.)).

Amniocentesis meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The process of acquiring stomach substance by puncturing the stomach with a needle and going through the walls associated with womb to get it.

Amniocentesis meaning in General Dictionary

(pregnancy) removal by centesis of amniotic substance from a pregnant girl (after the fifteenth few days of being pregnant) to aid in the diagnosis of fetal abnormalities