What does Amnesia: The Dark Descent mean?

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a wonderful survival scary online game which will move you to shit your jeans incredibly usually. Made by Frictional Games. It utilizes customized program with all the items, then when the ball player is running from the monster, he's got to by hand available and near the doorway just like IRL, rather than like in Minecraft, in which you correct mouse click and it closes immediately.This sort of program is also applied to various other products (chairs, tables, vases, boxes, drums..). The gameplay is defined in 1849, while the storyline is you need certainly to hightail it from this thing called the Shadow which could kill you over time, plus purchase to do this you need to destroy Alexander, who has got the orbs that are in charge of the Shadow chasing you. Amnesia: The Dark lineage can also be A:TDD for short. It offers a sequel named Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.