What does Ammonia mean?

Ammonia meaning in General Dictionary

A gaseous mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen NH3 with a pungent odor and flavor often called volatile alkali and spirits of hartshorn

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  • a pungent fuel compounded of nitrogen and hydrogen (NH3)
  • a water option of ammonia
  • A gaseous compound of hydrogen and nitrogen, NH3, with a pungent scent and style: -- also known as volatile alkali, and spirits of hartshorn.

Ammonia meaning in Medical Dictionary

A colorless gas with a very razor-sharp smell. Made both by people and by nature, ammonia dissolves effortlessly in water and evaporates quickly. Liquid ammonia is found in many household cleaners. Ammonia is annoying toward skin, eyes, nose, throat, and lung area. Exposure to large levels floating around can seriously burn off the skin, eyes, neck, or lung area. In acute cases, blindness, lung damage, or death can happen. Breathing lower levels triggers coughing and nostrils and neck discomfort. Eating ammonia may burn off the lips, neck, and tummy.

Ammonia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1799, Modern Latin, coined 1782 by Swedish chemist Torbern Bergman (1735-1784) for gas obtained from sal ammoniac, sodium deposits containing ammonium chloride found near temple of Jupiter Ammon (from Egyptian Jesus Amun) in Libya, from Greek ammoniakos "belonging to Ammon." The shrine was ancient already in Augustus' day, in addition to salts had been ready "from the sands where in actuality the camels waited while their particular masters prayed for good omens" [Shipley]. There additionally had been a gum as a type of sal ammoniac, from a crazy plant that expanded close to the shrine, and across North Africa and Asia. A less likely theory traces title to Greek Armeniakon "Armenian," since the compound in addition was present in Armenia. Also referred to as character of hartshorn and volatile or animal alkali.

Ammonia meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A chemical compound made of nitrogen and hydrogen; NH3. Usually included with feed to make it much more nutritionally beneficial for livestock; typically does not have color but has actually a very good odor.

Ammonia meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A gaseous substance of hydrogen and nitrogen, NH3, with a pungent odor and flavor: -- also known as volatile alkali, and spirits of hartshorn.

Sentence Examples with the word Ammonia

The combined nitrogen of dead organisms, broken down to ammonia by putrefactive bacteria, the ammonia of urea and the results of the fixation of free nitrogen, together with traces of nitrogen salts due to meteoric activity, are thus seen to undergo various vicissitudes in the soil, rivers and surface of the globe generally.

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