What does Amisty mean?

Amisty meaning in Urban Dictionary

1.) a woman's name derived from a consolidation for the gemstone Amethyst therefore the name Amy.2.) A woman which tends to allure your ideas. Her beauty is unreal, natural and stylish and looks amazing even at her worst. Perhaps an angel. Hearing her voice brings peace, comfort and a smile towards face. When your eyes secure with hers, it is common to-be rendered breathless. You're feeling drawn much more closely to the woman with each moving minute. The thoughts you share encompass just the start of anything wonderful. Your heart soars when you are together with her. In her own lack, you close your eyes and dream of her close embrace, your hands intertwined along with her smooth lips pushed against yours. Everything about her provides your breathing away. Together with her, you understand she actually is all you don't know you needed.