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the most wonderful, smart, skilled girl on the planet. The peak of female excellence. Amilamia is every people's dream, every woman's aspiration. She is a goddess incarnate: powerful, prominent, and powerful, yet tenderly feminine. She has soft curves and that can melt sweetness, however she can likewise have a company fist and something appearance from the lady will make you submit to her desires happily. She's filled with shocks and can continuously surprise you with her unparalleled brilliance and diverse gifts. If you meet her, you may never forget this lady and will constantly seek become near the girl. If you ever get the possiblity to take the woman to bed, you are going to experience the many divine enjoyment recognized to humanity. The complete opposite of a narcissist. The peak of humility. Amilamia is every people's Gandhi, every woman's mom Theresa. She's Aidos incarnate: reverent, temperate, and demure, yet tenderly shameless. She's got a soft demeanor and that can melt you with meekness, yet she will likewise have a lyrical soul which resembles the lilting tempo of Enya versus Reznor. This woman is high in bashfulness and would never boast online of the woman unrivaled brilliance and diverse gift suggestions. If you've crossed her, you are going to ultimately Google the woman name regarding suspicion she's written a bestselling book featuring a negative portrayal people à la Woody Allen's Manhattan, and stumble across these pages. If you ever get the possiblity to just take the woman to McDonald's, it's most likely well not to ever ask the girl to buy next sandwich.