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American/European old-fashioned title based on the Latin term amâta, indicating "Beloved." This name usually presents a bubbly blond stunning beauty saturated in enthusiasm, aspiration and love. Amiee is beautiful and kind. Loved by various and disliked by most whom her existence.She prefers to stay with someone for quite some time because she actually is loyal but she doesn't fall-in love quickly because it can be assured she has sensed heartbreak before so be gentle together with her. A lot of the women are envious for the boys she understands and who she's bonded with and it adds hook amount of envy towards the name.Amiee is a most apt to be a bubbly and funny individual who is most likely is time thinking on a regular basis! This woman isn't near many individuals but this woman is a true buddy. She's called a bitch it is intellectual and adds color to virtually any dull spot that you know. 1.A weeaboo woman that is a tomboy.Loves to draw and play game titles.the woman feeling changes considerably over one phrase. 2.A sweet woman who is crazy hyper when provided sugar. A revolting pig-like pet that smells of sewers.