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just the solitary many hottest tattoo musician. He's Jewish. From Israel. And needs a licences for firearms he is loading on their hands. Hit shows include Miami ink and NY ink. My panties have damp while we watch the show.u000du000au000du000aTattoo artist, focusing on traditional Japanese tattoos, star of 'Miami Ink','Worldwide Tribe',& 'NY Ink'. And most notably, ridiculously sexy & dreamed by many people women. Has got the whole badass appearance & can kick somebody's ass, yet be sensitive & responsible on top of that. Older sibling associated with the impossibly sexy Natan Shai James, undiscovered musician & imaginative manager of his garments range. Ended up being a sniper into the Israeli military (probably looked damn hot because uniform),the father of 2 girls, & features a wife known as Jordan (a.k.a. the luckiest really lady on the world). Arch opponent & opponent of tattoo artist Chris Torres.