What does Ameriphobia mean?

Ameriphobia meaning in Urban Dictionary

A fear of the United States of America. Because America is perhaps the essential powerful country with all the widest impact on earth, people fear their energy. This anxiety is generally unprovoked, since America is a democracy and any idiots in power which screwed-up (for all you Bush haters) will likely to be gone by the following election, unlike dictators.Because for this worry, people who have Ameriphobia have a tendency to become anti-American. These anti-Americans could form into groups, ranging from the standard radical muslim Al-Queda; to communist radicals, while they have lost energy since the end associated with the Cold War.You will never see a "Britiphobia" or a "Chinaphobia". The usa is one of powerful nation on the planet, and they'll demonstrably have the many critique from about the entire world. However, the usa is also arguably the very best nation worldwide, with a thriving economy and something associated with greatest requirements of living in the whole world. They also commit to distributing democracy globally, therefore communist dictator shitholes like Cuba and North Korea vanish. So shag down The united states haters.