What does Americanized Asian FOB mean?

Americanized Asian FOB meaning in Urban Dictionary

Asian FOB’s (Fresh from the Boat) mostly carry powerful household values and are usually hard employees. They understand the beauty while the importance of their particular culture and its ancestry.But occasionally FOB’s fall target to the worst methods of the American culture and life style as opposed to the good parts and become Americanized, therefore losing their particular hard working nature, their particular selflessness, and their love the old-fashioned family values.Once a FOB has been Americanized there is absolutely no switching straight back. ‘Selflessness’ becomes SELFISHNESS. The when beautiful ‘Hard Working Nature’ becomes laziness.‘Traditional Family standards’ tend to be lost in to the oblivion of wish to have product wide range together with yearning to get rid of their particular “FOB-ness” through slang English words, playing just American music, and disregarding the coolness of their cultural heritage.