What does Americanism mean?

Americanism meaning in General Dictionary

Attachment to your usa

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  • a manifestation this is certainly characteristic of English as spoken by People in the us
  • a custom that's particular into the united states of america or its residents
  • commitment into united states of america and its organizations
  • accessory to the United States.
  • A custom unusual on united states of america or even The united states; an United states characteristic or concept.
  • A word or phrase particular to the usa.

Americanism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1781, in mention of the words or expressions distinct from British usage, created by John Witherspoon (1723-1794), president of Princeton university, from American + -ism. (American English "English language as spoken in the us" is first recorded 1806, in Webster.) Americanism in patriotic good sense "attachment on U.S." is attested from 1797, first-found within the writings of Thomas Jefferson. I have already been not a little dissatisfied, making suspicious of my own view, on seeing the Edinburgh ratings, the ablest experts of age, set their faces up against the introduction of brand new terms into the English language; these are generally specifically apprehensive your writers associated with united states of america will adulterate it. Certainly so excellent developing a population, spread-over such an extent of nation, with these types of many different climates, of productions, of arts, must expand their particular language, making it respond to its reason for expressing all tips, the new plus the old. [Jefferson to John Waldo, Aug. 16, 1813]

Americanism meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Attachment toward united states of america.

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  • (letter.) A custom peculiar to the usa or even The united states; an American characteristic or idea.
  • (letter.) A word or expression strange towards usa.

Sentence Examples with the word Americanism

Despite, however, its heavy foreign admixture the old Americanism of the city remains strikingly predominant.

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