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wrecked because of the DH its now an embarrassment to baseball. A spot that was so unfortunate in the 70's they needed a way to boost ratings and because the greedy players union bureaucrats tend to be money-hungry, its a method to hold the aging process gimpy non gloving sluggers regarding payroll.The worst part about this may be the lame ass excuses folks use to protect this substandard league."The pitcher should focus just on Pitching" No jack ass, 9 people regarding industry = exact same 9 within the batting purchase."They suck at batting anyhow, its a wasted place" No Douche, it eliminates a significant strategic component of the overall game. Inside National League, managers are often faced with the necessity to determine whether it is much more vital that you pinch hit a significantly better batter the pitcher whenever pitcher's at bat comes at an important part of the video game. In the event that pitcher is doing well or if you can find few good pitchers available, this basically becomes a trade of offensive production at the expense of defense!"Really the AL has more WS rings than NL" OK Fagwad, eliminate 10 associated with the Yankees 27 bands as well as its the other means around, not everybody have an all star group yearly.