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The 6 million (out of 300 million) Americans who1) own and function 65-75percent of U.S. media. Maybe not conspiracy, look at the details.2) generally speaking infiltrate all areas or industry where high quantities of knowledge are essential and/or large salaries are paid.3) will be the most fascinated by WASPs and secretly desire they could be all of them. Brand new money and decreased humility does not reduce it, though.4) empathize and sympathize with racial minorities and support their particular causes/politics but wouldn't be caught lifeless residing close to one. (Though they are doing employ them as domestic assistance)5) frequently make use of their "victimhood" or "persecution" as manipulative systems getting what they need — many of them earn six-figure salaries and are now living in the wealthiest regions of the US.6) would be very offended by these very precise descriptions and would, of course, point at myself and phone me an anti-Semite.

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Such institutions as the Gratz and Dropsie colleges are further indications of the splendid activity of American Jews in the educational field.

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