What does American Indian mean?

American Indian meaning in General Dictionary

of or related to United states Indians

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  • a red skinned person in a race of individuals located in North America when Europeans appeared
  • any of the languages talked by Amerindians

American Indian meaning in Urban Dictionary

you or people of Amerind US ancestry and they are of the First Nations. All American Indians were giving full citizenship because of the usa around nineteen-hundred-twenty four exactly the same year Mongolia became a totally acknowledged sovereign nation by the Overseas people countries of League of Nations. Authentic Native Americans must be enrolled on or perhaps in a federally acknowledged sovereign First Nation booking. A card with blood quantum and tribal association have to maintain the ownership to get government help and funds to be utilized when it comes to betterment additionally the assimilation altogether associated with American Indian into a citizen for the United States of America

Sentence Examples with the word American Indian

MOOSE, the North American Indian (Algonquian) name of the North American representative of the European elk.

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