What does American Fraud-ol mean?

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1. A show on FOX that like ecstasy, gives its rabid visitors an existential a lot of types, but kills mind cells. The program is a ratings cow for FOX. In addition, this program is a cash cow for hospitals internationally, while the program's audience makes weekly visits to hospitals for CT (or pet) Scans to their brains, to check on for permanent harm to mind cells.2. A FOX program that John Connor & his weight army fights against, in order that The united states & the show's intercontinental visitors can survive judgment-day because of the robots the program has produced. Because of John Connor, the Terminators (this program's champions) tend to be ultimately taken off the music scene, excluding possibly Kelly Clarkson (?). This program's Terminators are comparable function: sounding yet, sounding studio-produced & maybe not genuine, maybe not showing much depth inside their lyrics because they sing about a bad/broken relationship for nth time, & making folks need hearing aids b/c of wrecked eardrums. The sole option would be to become listed on John Connor & the opposition military, & go-back eventually to convince Simon whatever his name's, not to proceed w/ the show idea.3. A FOX tv show that pimps out potentially high quality vocalists, becoming the second carbon copy of their predecessors. Baby powder product sales went up, as a result of the large number of individuals who the tv show's judges need certainly to keep in line off camera.4. A FOX program with performing puppets. The show had been originally assume become on PBS, but Oscar the Grouch spoke down & said he did not wish Sesame Street to suffer the embarrassment of bein' linked w/ the garbage which US Fraud-ol.