What does American Express mean?

American Express meaning in Finance Dictionary

a worldwide company whose services feature travel and lending options and which can be best-known for bank card that permits the holder to acquire products or services without the need to pay money. Invoices of transactions are tendered monthly and needs to be settled completely.

American Express meaning in Law Dictionary

organization that issues charge cards to people worldwide. Additionally features vacation programs and benefits to be a member. Numerous cards can be obtained to fulfill the clients requirements. It absolutely was founded in 1850 under an alternate idea that changed in the long run due t

American Express meaning in Business Dictionary

monetary solutions corporation, which specializes in the issuance of charge cards to an incredible number of individuals across the world. Away from its credit cards services, the organization offers several travel programs that allow United states Express cardholders to receive certain benefits that other individuals may not be capable obtain. United states Express provides a wide range of charge cards being tailored for the cardholders spending practices. The organization was founded in 1850 under a much various idea (an express post company). Eventually the organization features developed, supplying even more solutions to companies plus people.

Sentence Examples with the word American Express

Because I am a forty-two-year-old man and I pay with an American Express and was born on a Friday, part my hair on the left, and have a thirty-four-inch waist, the machine suggests what I should buy.

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