What does America mean?

America meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1507, in Cartographer Martin Waldseem

America meaning in General Dictionary

united states and south usa and Central The united states

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  • united states republic containing 50 says - 48 conterminous states in the united states plus Alaska in northwest North America therefore the Hawaiian isles into the Pacific Ocean; attained self-reliance in 1776

America - Spanish to English

Central The united states

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  • the united states
  • South America
  • Latin The united states

Sentence Examples with the word America

The same infatuated passion for mining speculation which had characterized the Spanish settlers in South America now began to actuate the Portuguese; labourers and capital were drained off to the mining districts, and Brazil, which had hitherto in great measure supplied Europe with sugar, sank before the competition of the English and French.

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