What does Amerae mean?

Amerae meaning in Urban Dictionary

a brief, funny woman who is good to everyone. Often is apparently naïve but usually understands what is truly going on. They will have brown locks and hazel eyes, and ghetto booties. They love just about anyone if you do not creep on it. they've been outgoing and love quickly. Which often leads all of them to get rid of up hurt but constantly discover a way to be fine. Additionally they usually trust quickly. they're gifted at playing tennis and softball but cannot sing or dance for his or her lives. they have fun with the flute. They laugh at jokes (even though they usually have no idea what it indicates). Ameraes like to laugh and hang out with pals. these are typically devoted, and love solely. they stick by those they love and care deeply about all of them. In the event that you satisfy an Amerae, you're certainly happy, assuming you will get the opportunity to be her friend, never ever let her get. Ameraes are gorgeous and courageous.