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An 'Amera' is a classification of pseudo-British kiwi. Amera are usually reclusive and hostile with other breeds of kiwi. There are lots of subspecies of Amera, included in these are: Americanis Goffik, Americanis Fancymanis, Americanis Grungies & Americanis Gingis (today thought to be extinct). Despite spending nearly all their particular amount of time in their particular burrows due to their sensitiveness to light Ameras tend to worry being as a whole darkness. If an Amera dosage not shed its hefty wintertime coat come summer it's likely to die of temperature stroke. Boffins tend to be baffeled by the nutrient lacking diet Ameras for some reason survive in. Amera is an endangered species which has had made numerous a property pet fat.The term Amera is abbreviated as "mera" "meh" or "err". Comes from an Arabic origin definition princess.An Amera is on quite beautiful woman might ever see . She actually is caring, nice,gentle,very outbound and incredibly pretty. It's going to be magic to fulfill an Amera and be blessed with their presence.