What does Ameowia mean?

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Noun- An ameowia is a erratic and often Canadian creature very often dwells into the greater Puget Sound area. The ameowia is a dangerous predator who feasts on simply the souls of young young men and maple syrup. An ameowia is identified by its unique vocalizations. In the middle of a-hunt, the ameowia releases a shrill bloodstream curdling screech, which closely resembles the sound a feline makes when being offered a bath. Following the ameowia effectively takes straight down her pray, she carries out the rare and beautiful dance of canadius romas. This party hasn't already been captured on film, but witnesses have actually stated that it involves feathers, nudity, and gallant frolicking. If you shall ever before encounter an ameowia an survive, start thinking about you to ultimately be extremely happy. Very few survive these types of an encounter with this marvelous creature.