What does Amentia mean?

Amentia meaning in General Dictionary

Imbecility complete lack of comprehension

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  • extreme mental retardation
  • Imbecility; total choose of comprehension.

Amentia meaning in Law Dictionary

complete lack of intelligence, explanation, or mental ability. Sometimes very much accustomed as to protect imbecility or dotage, or even as relevant to all the forms of insanity ; but correctly restricted to too little emotional capacity as a result of initial faulty organization of this brain (idiocy) or arrested cerebral development, as distinguished from the degeneration of intellectual characteristics which were in the past normal.

Amentia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"mental deficiency," belated 14c., from Latin amentia "madness," from amentem "mad," from a- "away from" + mentem "mind" (see brain (n.)) + abstract noun ending -ia.

Amentia meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Imbecility; total want of understanding.