What does Amenia mean?

Amenia meaning in General Dictionary

lack or suppression of regular monthly period circulation

Amenia meaning in Medical Dictionary

better-known as amenorrhea, amenia is the lack or cessation of menstruation. Amenorrhea is conventionally split into major and secondary amenorrhea. With main amenorrhea, menstruation never takes spot. It does not take place at puberty. With secondary amenorrhea, menstruation starts but then stops. The lack of menstruation during maternity is a form of physiologic amenorrhea, physiologic into the good sense that it's entirely typical and is not due to anything pathologic. Amenorrhea during lactation is another types of physiologic amenorrhea. Your message "amenorrhea" is compounded from three Greek roots "a-", no + "men", thirty days + "rhoia", flow = no month-to-month circulation.