What does Amelioration mean?

Amelioration meaning in General Dictionary

The work of ameliorating and/or condition of being ameliorated making or getting much better improvement melioration

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  • the act of relieving ills and changing when it comes to better
  • The work of ameliorating, and/or state to be ameliorated; making or becoming better; improvement; melioration.

Amelioration meaning in Medical Dictionary

enhancement in a patient's problem, and/or activity of creating an effort to improve, or at the least make more acceptable, conditions that tend to be tough to endure related to patient's problems.

Amelioration meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, from French am

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Amelioration meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act of ameliorating, or even the state of being ameliorated; making or getting better; enhancement; melioration.

Sentence Examples with the word Amelioration

Of practical amelioration was initiated by John Flamsteed Flamsteed, the first astronomer royal, and has never since been lost sight of.

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