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Amelia court-house VA is easily found in the center of no place, about 40 kilometers west of Richmond Va. It really is generally known by residents as "the redneck capitol around the globe" plus they ain't jokin'! The men are kids and guys desire to be guys but do not discover how since the men that are biologically guys are actually small young men themselves with absolutely nothing to provide their sons but learning cleaning guns and hunting. You'll find nothing to accomplish but drink, smoke cooking pot and leech off the county. A nearby Food Lion is the meeting-place of teens who are not engaged in any effective extracurricular activities, approx 98per cent of adolescent population regarding the county. The sporadic unemployed over 21 freind can also be a staple on local grocery store attempting desperately to reclaim their youth. Losers off their counties will always welcome offered they buy and share illegal drugs and a variety of alcohol consumption. Appropriate drinks are Shlitz Malt Liquor, Mad Dog 20/20 and Boones Farm (ideally Strawberry Hill).