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A word familiar with explain something which is extremely cool, in an ambidextrous type of way. A Amby is really what you call one of the more gorgeous girls you'll run into. Amby's eyes usually are like a lovely woodland green, and has now the smile to take your breath away. A Amby is someone with such a fantastic heart, and gorgeous looks. Amby is the variety of individual place others before herself, genuine spouse material also. I can not believe i have got myself a Amby. To "Amby" occurs when you pretend become a woman for six many years online. When you Amby, additionally you date various other males, and convince all of them that you will be a girl. An Amby is somebody who uses fake pictures generate somebody who they are not. An actual amby is a 400 pound whale at their property but on the internet, these are generally a blonde girl having huge tits. An amby even would go only to phony pictures of these pet and deliver them to people. google photos is an Amby's best friend A kind of marmalade that expires quickly because it is made from shit ingredients. It is named because of its Amber, or Amby shade because the shade is a disgusting colour of Amber (a brown shade with some red). The marmalade has also chunks of god understands exactly what, and is quite repulsive. whenever you cooking pot at barrows then observe that there is no need a spade.2. to forget spade twice consecutively