What does Amblyopia mean?

Amblyopia meaning in General Dictionary

Weakness of sight without and opacity of this cornea or regarding the interior associated with the eye the initial amount of amaurosis

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  • visual impairment without obvious natural pathology
  • Alt. of Amblyopy

Amblyopia meaning in Medical Dictionary

limited or total loss of eyesight in one eye due to problems that affect the normal growth of sight. These conditions feature strabismus, where eyes tend to be entered inward (esotropia) or turned outward (exotropia) and anisometropia, for which there was a significant difference between refractive error involving the two-eyes from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Less frequent factors that cause amblyopia include ptosis (drooping) of just one eyelid, illness associated with the cornea (preventing light from going into the eye), congenital cataract, and problems for the eye of a kid.

Amblyopia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1706, "weakening of the eyesight," health Latin, from Greek amblyopia "dim-sightedness," noun of action from amblys "dulled, dull" + ops "eye" (see attention (n.)) + abstract noun closing -ia. relevant: Amblyopic.

Amblyopia meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a disorder for which loss of picture occurs without getting attributed to any certain illness or medical problem.

Amblyopia meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Amblyopy