What does Ambit mean?

Ambit meaning in General Dictionary

Circuit or compass

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  • a location by which some thing functions or operates or has actually energy or control:
  • Circuit or compass.

Ambit meaning in Urban Dictionary

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Ambit meaning in Law Dictionary

boundary range, as going around a location; an exterior or inclosing lino or restriction. The restrictions or circumference of an electric or jurisdiction; the range circumscribing any subject-matter.

Ambit meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "space surrounding a building or town; precinct;" 1590s, "a circuit," from Latin ambitus "a going round," past participle of ambire "to go round, to go about" (see background).

Ambit meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Circuit or compass.

Sentence Examples with the word Ambit

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, the ecclesiastical parish is presumed to be composed of a single township or vill, and to be conterminous with the manor within the ambit of which it is comprised.

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