What does Ambisinister mean?

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adj., from "ambi-" (both) and "sinister" (left-handed, with its original definition)1) awkward or inept with both-hands (for example., the contrary of ambidextrous, which actually suggests "both" + "right-handed"; note that ancient Rome extremely favoured right-handedness, as Asia has actually in our contemporary world)2) Skilled or able with both of your hands (used generally speaking in protest resistant to the term ambidextrous given that it indicates right-handedness is preferable or perfect - ergo, this term is most commonly used by left-handed folks, and by hipsters and English majors who want to show of these understanding of etymology and usually feel exceptional; not many people who use the term "ambisinister" tend to be officially ambidextrous)See in addition ambisinistrous, which has exactly the same definitions additionally the same roots (however, the adjective sinistrous is almost universally changed by sinister throughout the last several hundreds of years).