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a totally and completely free-sprited woman. She's because unique as her title. She really loves hardcore and is amazing during sex. She's a heart for the globe. She loves kiddies and animals. She looks well as a brunette and it is typically tall. She actually is the absolute most bewildering individual you can expect to ever satisfy and always features performers in her own eyes. an individual who is nice and funny, but has actually a crazy part only waiting to jump aside at you. This individual is usually really perverted aswell and tends to make nasty remarks quite frquently. A very special individual. She likes to get wasted, and it is great in bed. Yet she loves to have a calmer-sweeter side. But she has a flaming temperament and will crawl all over you in only a matter of 5 moments. Usually is of interest, and intimate. Not to mention blonde. REALLY blonde. Over all she simply wants to have fun