What does Amazon Kindle mean?

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Is an Electronic Book audience (E-Book). They usually have made 2 editions. The Kindle 1 & 2. The Kindle hardware devices use an electronic paper display and download content over Amazon Whispernet with the Sprint EVDO network. Kindle hardware products may be used without a computer, and Whispernet is accessible without any fee.They likewise have an app when it comes to iPhone & the ipod itouch labeled as the 'Kindle for iPhone'. There's been a lot of critique within the Kindle stating so it should atleast make an effort to take on todays technology & PDA's & such. The Kindle needs to be determined by Sprints celular community which could have low indicators from time to time. I think I think that it should include enjoyable features privately such, Opera mini browser, Flash support for real time streaming, WiFi, If its on Sprint system then it must be SMS enabled, With a Micro facts slot. And perhaps also a feeling display. After that perhaps it will be really worth its price (which can be $359, i believe when it had these features that perhaps it could increase to atleast $400 which nevertheless wouldnt be that bad. The reason why would you pay near to $400 bucks for something which just reads books?) Anyway the Amazon Kindle 1 & 2 runs on a standerdized Linux 2.6.10 Kernel.