What does Amasha mean?

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lady who's got continuously or entirely dated douche bag men.Amasha is extremely nice and caring towards everyone else and she constantly has actually a smile on her behalf face it doesn't matter what and although she doesnt understand it she is very gorgeous and smart.Amasha always smiles whenever she is downWhen made use of as an initial title, it's the title one of several coolest women in the world. She's smart and athletic.The sexiest girl inside worldA really sexy, advanced women.Amasha I like you more the you could possibly imagine, you’re my shoulder to lean on when I’m perhaps not experiencing great you’re my companion and favorite person into the world you’re the reason we get up every morning and go to sleep through the night with a huge smile back at my face. My life began the day I met you. I don’t understand what the whole world has in store for all of us however the the one thing I am sure of is the fact that ill be to you permanently and ill love you forever. Men and women state finding your true-love partner or soul mates is one thing that simply never occur but I found mine I found you and Amasha from today until the time that I perish you’re the one thing that I will previously need i enjoy you so much sweetheart you’re my only now and forever. I really like you much more you will ever before see more then my heart could previously show I love you much more you will previously know.The concept of a pure athlete she is cool, great, sweet, and big-hearted very big and always there for people. Frequently a best friend to numerous individuals.Jeff: AmashaTom: You rich bitch!!