What does Amaretto mean?

Amaretto meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Italian almond-flavored liqueur, 1945 (the initial brand, Amaretto di Saronno, dates to 1851), from the Italian term for almond (q.v.), which would not get the excrescent -l- of this English word. Sometimes confused with amoretto. Amoroso (literally "lover"), a type of sweetened sherry, is attested from c.1870.

Amaretto meaning in Cooking Dictionary

An almond-flavored liqueur, usually fashioned with kernels of apricot pits.

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  • A liqueur with a distinct flavor of almonds, though it's fashioned with apricot gap kernels. The first liqueur, Amaretto di Saronno, is from Saronno, Italy. Many distilleries produce their amaretto. Generally served straight, from the rocks or utilized as a mixer. Made use of often in baked items.

Amaretto meaning in General Dictionary

an Italian almond liqueur

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