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The joining of “Amanda” and “Lynn” begets the harmonic “Amandalynn,” a name most often of creative, big and positive women.The Latin elements of this much-loved name feature “Amanda,” which translates to “she just who must be enjoyed.” “Lynn” is short for “Linda,” meaning “pretty.”By uniting the two, it’s evident that “Amandalynn” may be comprehended as “the pretty lady who must be loved.” Noun produced by the names amanda, lynn or maybe obst. This will be a nickname that's givin to a lady who's these types of a whore that she actually is constanly paying up cum, this woman will prefer the black colored dick within the white one because it's bigger and can fill more of the woman gaping butthole, even holding her could cause the spread of STDs and perchance AIDs.Taken through the pornstar "amandalynn"