What does Amada mean?

Amada meaning in Urban Dictionary

A lovable youthful girl that is enjoyable and outbound. She gets over fights easily and is cool and calm.She also is a rather intelligent woman that is gorgeous in most method. inside andout. She loves men and women and really loves and adventure. She in addition looks a little like Jessica Alba.

Amada meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Spanish
Name Gender: Female

Sentence Examples with the word Amada

Bearing these matters in mind, we find that during the 18th century the most prominent and beneficent rulers were the emperor Yesu of Gondar, who died about 1720, Sebastie, negus of Shoa (1703-1718), Amada Yesus of Shoa, who extended his kingdom and founded Ankober (1743-1774), Tekla Giorgis of Amhara (1770-1798?) and Asfa Nassen of Shoa (1774-1807), the latter being especially renowned as a wise and benevolent monarch.

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