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The bad, better-looking, facial hair having, twin of Kanto President Brock Obama. He's badass and prefers water kinds. He's very nearly the complete reverse of Brock Obama. He could be working for Kanto President in 2012, but hopes to at least one day be dictator of Kanto, and eventually society. Although his cousin could be an area to Pewter City, few understand a lot about his individual life. He's typically sarcastic and satirical with his terms and tends to look down upon anything else. He also gets laid unlike Brock because "He doesn't chase the bitches the bitches chase him". He hates every thing equally in this way and it is a great leader. The has actually a religion known as "Kcorbism" it rivals the religion of is sibling, Brockism.He is identified for trolling biebtards, other convervatives, and people whom threaten hacking men and women.