What does Am mean?

Am meaning in General Dictionary

the very first individual single for the verb take the indicative mode present tense See Be

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  • a radioactive transuranic metallic factor; discovered by bombarding uranium with helium atoms
  • a master's level in arts and sciences
  • modulation associated with amplitude associated with the (radio) company revolution
  • the initial person single associated with the verb be, inside indicative mode, current tense. See Be.

Am meaning in Medical Dictionary

expression for americium.

Am meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English eom "becoming, to remain," (Mercian eam, Northumbrian am), from PIE *esmi- (cognates: Old Norse emi, Gothic im, Hittite esmi, Old Church Slavonic jesmi, Lithuanian esmi), from root *es-, the S-ROOT, which also yielded Greek esti-, Latin est, Sanskrit as-, and German ist und bleibt. In Old English it existed only in current tense, all other types being expressed when you look at the W-BASE (see were, was). This cooperative verb may also be regarded by linguists as *es-*wes-. Before difference broke down 13c., *es-*wes- tended to express "existence," with beon indicating anything nearer to "become" (see be). Old English are had two plural forms: 1. sind/sindon, sie and 2. earon/aron The s- kind (also used in the subjunctive) fell from used in English during the early 13c. (though it continues in German sind, another individual plural of "to be") and ended up being replaced by types of feel, but aron (aren, arn, are, from Proto-Germanic *ar-, probably a variant of PIE root *es-) continued, and also as am and stay merged it encroached on some uses that previously had belonged to be. By the early 1500s it had established its devote standard English. Art became archaic in the 1800s.

Am - German to English

at (the)

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  • because of the [prep+art]
  • close to the [prep+art]
  • in the [prep+art]
  • on [table, roof etc.]

Sentence Examples with the word Am

I am sitting by the window and the beautiful sun is shining on me Teacher and I came to the kindergarten yesterday.

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