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A hot, quick, small asian who's sooo wrong but is a really buddy Can be quiet at some times,but very cool to hang around. She's a short temperament and dislikes being bossed around. This woman is an excellent person to research to,and is truth be told there if you need company. She tends to make good leader,but desires to work solamente often. She's going to make sarcastic remarks at mean individuals under the woman breath. And it is truly a book worm,her preferred places to shop is Walmart and Barnes & Noble. She dresses merely and do not attempts to be noticed. Music is this lady life she'll tune in to it anytime and anywhere she can. She has an amazing singing vocals,able to relax and play some keys from the piano,and trying to teach herself simple tips to play guitar. This woman is terrified of SlenderMan.She actually is therefore curious about other people,but at exactly the same time can easily read them. She loves to learn new stuff about her buddies and view them do various abilities. The woman best friends have now been along with her since she ended up being little,and never has actually various other close friends with no consultancy of the woman best friends. Warrior,brave,strong,beautiful,intelligent