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Alyxandra's are easily the very best of any person named "Alex". They have been constantly quirkey, and somewhat crazy. But it's their particular immaturity that attracts people to all of them. They truly are actually rather responsible and befriend every person, however, in the event that you cross anybody she loves or cares for, best simply keep the nation- she'll hunt ou down and make you pay. Alyxandras have very noisy laughs and are generally regarding the reduced side. Assuming their spelling of their name had been any indication- they've been awful spellers but great authors. The queen of ally Alyxandra's resides in North Dakota and it is champ of alcohol pong. Although city-born, this queen is hick down seriously to the core. WARNING: cannot ever before let Alyxandras play Tx Hold 'Em. They don't really know what they are doing, but it’s likely that they will defeat you.