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Alyissa's are some of the most gorgeous people know to virtually any living beings. Alyissa is a girl which most of the time nice, but can be somewhat bad, meaning she will have bad times. She is a funny and charming girl and any guy is lucky to possess the lady as a girlfriend, or wife. Any person is fortunate having an Alyissa has actually their friend. This woman is loyal and nice, she cares about you,more than she cares for her very own self every so often. She will usually have the back and you may never be able to stay angry at this lady. This might be mainly moderate height girl. Sometimes Alyissa's simply take things the wrong method, even when it is not meant to turn out that way, nor stated by doing this. Alyissa's are often blonde, however sometimes they is brown-heads. But ALL Alyissa's are flawlessly perfect.