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Alvin the Spun Chipmunk is a big fan of EOTO! Additionally a large lover of The String Cheese Incident! Alvin is from Chicago, Illinois and first debuted at a nearby venue labeled as The Portage Theatre at an EOTO tv show on October 4, 2008. He has got since graced the covers of 5 of EOTO's real time records. Alvin is a true rager and certainly will frequently be found bouncing around above you at numerous EOTO programs, particularly in Chicago. Besides EOTO & SCI, Alvin's hobbies feature hula hooping and chillin with pretty ladies! Since Alvin's debut in 2008 he has gained many followers and buddies, and even features their own pages on social network web sites like Facebook and Myspace. Alvin likes to make brand-new friends and hopes to see you at an EOTO program soon!