What does Alveoli mean?

Alveoli meaning in Medical Dictionary

The plural of alveolus. The alveoli tend to be tiny atmosphere sacs in the lung area where in fact the trade of air and carbon dioxide occurs.

Alveoli meaning in Sports Dictionary

air sacs when you look at the lung area where gaseous exchange occurs. (sport: scuba)

Alveoli meaning in General Dictionary

of Alveolus

Alveoli meaning in General Dictionary

(pl. ) of Alveolus

Sentence Examples with the word Alveoli

BUtschli, on the other hand, interprets it as a finely vacuolated foam-structure or emulsion, comparable to that which is observed when small drops of a mixture of finely powdered potash and oil are placed in water, the vacuoles or alveoli being spaces filled with liquid, the more solid portion representing the mesh-work in which the microsomes are placed.

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