What does Alton NH mean?

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a tiny city in brand new Hampshire. Found on Lake Winnepesuake. Additionally there is absolutely nothing to do truth be told there. Literally, it's where you could get McDonalds, store at Hannahford's head to one of many hardware stores, or get a costly off road automobile that you'll be sorry for purchasing later on. Perhaps you'll buy a swim within the very contaminated lake? Really, go down to your bottom and also have a look. You will discover thing's such as for instance: Bikes, Toilets, Porta-potties, Sinks, Showers. And I won't recommend pressing the underside becuase, really we will just say it sucks. The cops truth be told there have nothing simpler to do than hunt you down for going 5 kilometers over the speed restriction. Once the kids from Alton are in an actual town, they appear socially retarded.