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a vehicle called the Toyota Altezza (Lexus IS300) arrived in the usa in 2001, plus it had a unique end light: chrome rings with colored lenses and signs, inside a larger clear plastic lens. This 3-D design really was eye-catching and folks were attracted to it.Toyota did a fantastic job making this light. Other automotive businesses copied it, together with popularity of the look expanded and grew. The "Fast and Furious" group couldn't get enough of the Altezza style tail lights!Over time, the Altezza design ended up being copied and implemented onto just about any vehicle. You might virtually search for the type of your car or truck, and "altezza" and get pages of seedy sites that sell "Altezza" lights for the car.America got hooked. Many people bought Altezzas thinking it can offer their car a "Tight Style" or "Many Many Features", thinking that it could make their automobile "Unique" and giving their particular vehicle an "Individuality". Some thought it would give them "to 20 horse power at the wheels!" Have you ever already been down in Atlanta or Orlando? Everyone and their Grandma had Altezzas. "there m4d tyte y0!"it isn't because aftermarket Altezzas are not practical, maybe not DOT legal, or have terrible light output, its perhaps not since they're cheaply made, or wired incorrectly, and its particular not because they fit horribly and attract cops, it is because these are generally actually actually UGLY.STOP BUYING THEM!Try spending finances on something different, like getting that door, fender or bumper painted to the RIGHT color. Sheesh. 1) Toyota Altezza. Also known as the Lexus IS Series in the us.2) A style of lights, generally obvious with a red round braking/parking light when you look at the center, and signal/reverse marker at the bottom. It's the stock light regarding the Toyota Altezza/Lexus IS, and variants of the light usually are put onto even cheaper cars, such as the Civic and Chevy Cavalier, by Ricers. A form of automotive end light that always consists of a definite main lens, plus one or more purple round contacts. They've been called following the Toyota Altezza, which has those lights from factory. Often used by Import's and Lowriders. They have been extremely played down, and work out vehicles look like crap.