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Alternadude (awl-tur-nuh-dood) Alternadudes (plural) -adjective - 1) a term always explain an alt kind man living a particular lifestyle and representing the antithesis of societal norms (ie rockers, skaters, punks, emos, surfers, goths) 2) noun - Any alt type guy displaying any, all, or combination of tattoos, piercings, long-hair, shaggy hair, facial hair, mohawks, or any anti-societal trend of the time (an alternate dude). Noun. - A male (usually youthful, bourgeois) just who views himself taken from the popular, however is rooted rather solidly inside. At risk of publishing Bob Dylan lyrics as status updates on Facebook, buying a number of sets of Converse shoes and swearing by his content of "combat Club".An alternachick is a female type of an alternadude; the concept is the same but the signs can vary. Alternachicks like traditional shopping, "The Perks to be a Wallflower" and 'photography'.The terms are often used derisively plus in a condescending manner. Often in conjunction with ironic remarks.