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a new girl, often 19, who still has the blond hair with blue dye lines, a lip band, blue-eye shadow, ripped jeans therefore the 8" large black colored clog shoes appearance of alternate stone women from the very early 1990's. Decreasing characteristic of these women is the fact that they won't ever be your girlfriend, but could quickly be studied home for a-one night stand of incredible sex in the event that you inform them you are in an alternate rockband. Any woman just who dresses everyday like she'll some concert doens't matter what kind of songs it really is (stone, techno, whatever) as long as suits into some label. Although heterosexual, these girls don't like internet dating dudes. Thay tend to be tomboys but they are perhaps not butch. Unlike metro sexuals they are not high maintenance. (Thats in which discover part reversal: Metro sexuals tend to be large maintenance as you would expect a lady to-be. Alternachicks are not they truly are similar to men.) I don't know should they is labeled as a whore because you can not say each goes sleeping around with everybody nonetheless it appears that they favor flings over dating. It would appear that both metro sexuals and alternachicks appear to lead the lifestle associated with the opposite sex, just without being masculine or butch.